Travel and Environmental Simulations

Experience travel to new countries and new worlds without leaving home.

phe world is getting smaller and we are entering a new age of travel, with cheap flights, an unparalleled assortment of accommodations and space tourism opening the final frontier.

In the Virtual Travel space, technology is playing a pivotal role, with AR and VR augmenting the live travel experience, while allowing us to experience adventure travel and even space travel without ever leaving our living rooms.

The ImmersiveWorlds platform opens up a universe of new opportunities in virtual reality travel for any enterprises operating in the travel arena.

  • Invite guests on a virtual journey to your city or attraction to plan their visit and experience what you have to offer in a new, immersive format!
  • Virtual Reality tours are set to displace the audio tour with augmented reality guides that bring history to life!
  • Expand your market to armchair travelers and aspirational tourists around the world!
  • Create travel that doesn’t exist yet, to new worlds and fantasy locales where the only limitation is the mind.