What is an Immersive World?

It’s a virtual space with dimensions like the real world.  It is a computer-simulated environment that is always available and enables exploration through use of one’s avatar. Our user selected Avatars can communicate, collaborate, and interact with each other in that virtual environment, similar to multiplayer online video games like Second Life. In ImmersiveWorlds, this environment is focused on the business needs of our clients. Our Worlds are secure and customized to each of our partners. There is incredible potential for innovation in employee applications and business simulations.

ImmersiveWorlds offers a scalable, customizable, and sustainable virtual world. Our world of client focus is now dedicated to the widest potential impact: motivating users to adopt well-being habits and have fun doing it.











ImmersiveWorlds first created a virtual moon base near the Shackleton Crater. Our founders realized the opportunity to build a virtual environment to help companies visualize what was possible with the real world lunar exploration assets incorporated digitally, and their own product marketing.


With a background in aerospace, our founders drew inspiration from the industry and used its advanced Virtual World technology in training, education, and design to build the new virtual lunar world. It was then that we realized that we unlocked the opportunity to apply virtual world development that has real world applications for any kind of business.


The second world being built by our team at ImmersiveWorlds is focused on well-being. After this capability is established, we will expand our development platform beyond well-being into any market area that can benefit from virtual immersive experiences that influence real world change from travel, to education, to fashion and even entertainment. This can be just the beginning of building not just the Wellbeing Immersive World, but an entire Immersive Universe.

What is it that the Wellbeing World addresses?







Although we don’t like to hear it, we are the most indebted, addicted, and medicated adult cohort in US history.


61% of Americans say they lead very stressful workplace lives, costing employers over $300B annually

Over 70% of Americans are overweight and obese which can lead to chronic diseases.






Mental well-being can improve enterprise performance, especially now in our isolated work-from-home environment.

When businesses focus on preventative health solutions, they don’t just see increasing productivity and decreasing cost to their healthcare plan — they see happy, motivated, and highly engaged people.

According to Harvard, medical expenses for U.S. companies fell by $3.27 for every dollar spent on wellness programs.

Embrace the Benefits

ImmersiveWorlds’ ‘Well-Being World’ offers a new and exciting way to encourage healthy habits:

Educate on well-being management tools

Reduce stress through mindfulness activities

Connect your virtual world to your reality via fitbit

Adopt positive lifestyle habits

Engage with others in your community through group events and activities such as an in-world speaker series

Find out how ImmersiveWorlds can make a difference for your organization.