The Impact

The Impact




Virtual worlds can potentially solve many of the problems posed by the pandemic. Our solution means that enterprises have an exciting new way to keep their employees, clients, and subscribers engaged:


Get users motivated about a solution that meets you wherever you are in your well-being journey


Build a healthy corporate culture


Educate users in an interactive, fun environment

Seamlessly integrate your organization’s graphics, videos and employee representative in an engaging and interactive virtual environment that can be accessed easily via tablet (provided by ImmersiveWorlds)

The Proteus Effect

The real and the virtual world are more connected than you might guess. The Proteus Effect demonstrates that people identify with their avatar and model its behavior in real life.

Stanford Virtual Interaction Laboratory studies show that people observing their own avatar running will run longer in subsequent exercises. People’s physical behavior shifts in accordance with their digital representations.

Tapping into this effect, ImmersiveWorlds have users avatars model well-being behaviors. Our convenient, accessible immersive world means that these behaviours aren’t just adoptable in a virtual world – they have the potential to make a real, sustainable impact in the real one!

The Experience

ImmersiveWorlds offers customizable solutions for every client that can be implemented across the company. Some of the possibilities include:

Well-being experiences

A breadth of experiences (meditation, exercise, nutrition education, financial well-being tools as well as socializing) are already available.


Social Networking

Through voice and text chat, ImmersiveWorlds lets you socialize and share your thoughts and goals — even experience different activities together!


Guest expertise

The platform allows you to invite experts, coaches, and specialists within the field such as exercise, nutrition and mental well-being.



Your world can include customizable educational video content to reinforce key habits and mindsets.



Your world can incorporate e-commerce such as outfits for your avatar, one-one coaching experience, or even virtual tokens for an online marketplace.

The Real World Technology

Once you sign on as an ImmersiveWorld partner, every user will be sent a tablet, FitBit Scale, and FitBit to allow for a seamless experience and easy progress tracking between the real and the virtual world.

Find out how ImmersiveWorlds can make a difference for your organization.