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At ImmersiveWorlds, we develop experiences and worlds for enterprises that entertain, inspire, create community and drive commerce

We specialize in Virtual worlds for Enterprise clients. We partner with you every step of the way to create your fully customized AR and VR experience, capable of capturing and retaining 21st century customers with immersive, virtual environments.

Schedule a free strategy session with our creative and technical team to discover how Virtual and Augmented reality technology can take your business to the next level.


What We Do

  • Ideation/Consulting Services: We partner with enterprise clients to create immersive and engaging AR, VR and Mixed Reality experiences that are custom tailored to your market and unique requirements.
  • Create dynamic, engaging experiences: We help you find new ways to leverage your existing content, develop new products and brand extensions, amplify visits, and expand your customer base.  The goal of our platform delivery is increasing share, retention and revenue for your brand.
  • Attract customers and promote new offerings: We help you develop the tools to capture and retain “mindshare” along with “walletshare”
  • Increase existing sales and add new revenue channels: Our team and our platform can help you create engaging new ways to market both real and virtual goods and services
  • Enable innovative social interactions and commerce
  • For companies in the healthcare industry, our team has extensive experience promoting wellness through immersive experiences and building worlds that enable new, creative and novel treatments to disease.


Our Mixed Reality development platform capabilities include

  • AR “vignettes” for ads and promotion: give your marketing a new dimension by utilizing augmented reality on a plethora of mobile devices
  • AR and VR tours: Audio tours are so 1999. Today’s customers expect a higher level of immersion than in yesteryear. Disrupt the audio tour with AR and VR tours that fully immerse visitors in your world.
  • Social AR for shopping and sharing: Curating and sharing content is a key driver of discovery, adoption, and customer retention
  • Interactive educational experiences: The days of drilling information into our heads is long gone. Learning relies on so many other factors. With its hyper ImmersiveWorlds and augmented environments, our VR and AR platform can enhance learning and cognition far beyond the typical classroom
  • Therapeutic environments for therapy and behavior modification: A new frontier in healthcare has emerged, moving us far beyond the limitations of the traditional pharmaceutical healthcare  model. Utilizing our platform, AR and VR therapeutics offer a new way to treat disease and improve treatment outcomes.
  • Virtual retail and interactive commerce experiences: More and more customers are making the move away from brick and mortar, and into the online shopping world. eCommerce is growing rapidly but the landscape is highly competitive. Providing a unique and “sticky” experience is key. Our platform gives you limitless potential for creating deep, immersive “experiences” that transcend anything traditional online shopping can deliver.

Let us enable your organization to market test with an innovative AR or VR experience or deploy this engaging 3D immersive technology to promote brands and offerings, develop new revenue streams, and gain market share.

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