AR/VR Applications: Industries & Markets 

Immersive Worlds utilizes advanced rendering and social networking capabilities to create a customized interactive virtual world that promotes and protects your brand.

Our work in a variety of industries means the following benefits for our enterprise clients:

  • Our worlds can be developed for client needs:  exploration, education, discovery, training, collaboration, commerce and more.
  • We create new digital worlds with client use restrictions, where brand representation, behavior, dress, language and symbols can be controlled by the client.
  • Development can be completed in-house with our platform, or clients can contract with ImmersiveWorlds for development.
  • We cooperate with clients to share domain expertise and content

Immersive Worlds is focused on a range of market verticals as well as bespoke collaborative development. Our augmented reality and virtual reality applications are ideal for:

  • Retail, Fashion and eCommerce
  • Travel and Hospitality
  • Education and the Arts

There are multiple methods for ImmersiveWorlds clients to profit from their virtual footprint, including:

  • Recurring subscription fees
  • Membership dues
  • Tuition
  • Licensing fees
  • Royalties
  • Usage fees
  • Entry ”ticket”
  • Transaction fees
  • Commissions
  • The sale of real and/or virtual goods
  • Advertising
  • “Freemium” – enjoy the free experience; pay for premium or extended use


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