ImmersiveWorlds is bringing the future to healthcare

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality in medicine is a new and rapidly growing space.

Virtual reality in healthcare technology is allowing students of medicine, doctors and even surgeons to learn, treat disease and perform complex surgical procedures in ways never before possible.

Virtual Reality medical technology has also made it possible to develop and implement new treatment protocols in the realm of behavior modification.

The World Health Organization estimates there are 30M people in the U.S. with diabetes, 80M+ with pre-diabetes, and another 500M diabetics worldwide. It is a rapidly growing epidemic and costly not only financially but also in terms of human suffering.

Using VR and AR, ImmersiveWorlds, in partnership with Boston Medical Center, has developed and clinically tested new and effective treatment modalities and protocols for type 2 diabetes.

These promising new treatments have a plethora of advantages over existing diabetes treatments, including:

  • A transformative treatment experience for patients
  • Better long-term patient adherence to treatment protocols
  • Location independent treatment, even at home or on the go
  • Better outcomes at significantly lower cost to patients, healthcare providers and HMOs